At Solunion, we are convinced that our professionals are the energy driving our success. Success which takes the form of initiatives that also go
beyond positive results, and are based on ethical conduct that guarantees integrity, decency and honesty in providing our services.

We aspire to set the benchmark for the sector, not only by what we do, but also by how we do it.

forma-solunion03Code of Ethics and Conduct for  Stakeholders

We want our customers, suppliers and all third parties with whom we have business relationships to contribute, together with us, to generating an ethics-based working environment.

Our relations with these groups are founded upon this Code of Ethics and Conduct for Stakeholders.

You can consult the interpretation of the conduct guidelines that appear in this code by sending an email to: ​

The Whistle-blowing channel is also made available to you, to inform us of conduct that you believe violates this Code of Ethics and Conduct for third parties, local laws or internal regulations:

forma-solunion03Code of Ethics and Conduct for  Brokers

Safeguarding honesty and integrity in all actions we take at Solunion is fundamental to us. With this objective in mind, we have created our Code of Ethics and Conduct for Brokers, in which we set out the Commitments that guide our behaviour and the responsibilities we have assumed at Solunion to guarantee their fulfilment.