We’re with you all the way

Solunion Seguros de Crédito

We remain convinced that only through full knowledge of your needs will we be able to offer you the tailored service you deserve. The ongoing and proactive attention means that we are alongside you with every passing day, getting to know you better.

Innovating together

Innovación Solunion

Innovation is another of our driving forces. We explore the best of everyone: our people, our brokers and our customers, to go further. We’re not afraid to be different. We believe that there is another way to understand business, and our aim is to offer this to you.

Our  credentials

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international analysts
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Our offer

Experience  and proximity to risk

Experience and a powerful international presence that allows us to have in-depth knowledge of each market and sector. More than 1,500 international analysts.

Quality  of service

We’re a partner who really understands where you’re going. We assist you in the decision-making process, we protect you and we are committed to driving you forward.

International  debt recovery

Our legal experts allow us to manage the debt recovery of your unpaid invoices in more than 150 countries.

Agility and  proactivity

Speed of response and proactivity in all stages, from prevention to compensation.

Constant  vigilance

Constant monitoring of your risks. We manage updated information of more than 40 million companies.

Quality in service and your satisfaction  are our raison d’être

We want to know your business, to discover together with you the best way to promote it. We support you with our knowledge and our capacity for analysis. We are your lever for business development and to help you grow securely.

Our aim is to be your partner, your colleague, to establish a bond of lasting mutual trust that allows us to help you expand your business in the most profitable way. That’s why Solunion listens to you. Because the knowledge of your business is the key to our success, to your success.

Your opinion is important.  Would you like to make any suggestions to us?

Solunion Seguros de Crédito

Innovation at your service

Innovation is another of our driving forces. We explore the best of everyone: employees, brokers and customers, to go further. We’re not afraid to be different. We believe that a different credit insurance is possible, and we work to offer it to you.

We observe, analyse, propose, create, test and start again. A non-stop process, thanks to which we can offer you the finest benefits, so that you can manage your policy in a comfortable and simple way, wherever you are.

«Our network of analysts is supported by the largest business database in the world, which contains up-to-date information at all times.»

Advantages of  our technological tools

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Declare your annual sales figures.
Inclusión de nuevos países, Solunion

Request the inclusion of new countries in the policy.

Vigilancia constante, Solunion

Consult, request or cancel credit limits.

Notificación impagos, Solunion

Notify non-payments.

Prórrogas de facturas, Solunion
Request extensions of invoices due date.
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Track ongoing debt recovery actions.